1421-611-001-00 / 1421-611-0010-0 / 142161100100 Chair Iseki TX, TU, TS, TL Extra info: Suitable for many models Iseki tractors All models of TX, TS, TL, TU series Look carefully at the dimensions, sometimes some adjustment needed Iseki TU: TU1400 TU1500 TU1600 TU1700 TU1900 TU2100 Iseki TU: (Landhope) TU120 TU125 TU127 TU130 TU135 TU137 TU140 TU145 TU147 TU150 TU155 TU157 TU160 TU165 TU167 TU170 TU175 TU177 Iseki TX: TX10 TX155 TX1000 TX500 TX1 TX500 TX TX2140 TX2160 Iseki TS: TS1610 TS1700 TS1910 TS2200 TS2202 TS2205 TS2210 TS2220 Iseki TL: TL1900 TL1901 TL2100 TL2101 TL2300 TL2301 TL2500 TL2501 TL2700 TL2701 TL2701 TL470mm2900 Dimensions